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  Every Ride Regularly Yearly
Rock Shox Clean dirt from upper legs and fork seals 50 hours. Perform lower leg service 200 hours or yearly. Perform damper and spring service
Fox Clean exterior with mild soap and water only, then wipe dry with a soft towel.

Check sag and damper settings. Inspect your product for visual damage and function of all controls.
Every 125 Hours/Yearly, or whichever comes first. Recommend seals and oil damper and oil bath change.*
Suntour Clean the fork tubes and dust seals and maintain with an oily cloth / check stanchion tubes for scratches 50 hours. Check function of fork / check torques of mountings screws and nuts. Check for scratches, dents, cracks, discolouration, signs of wear and signs of minor corrosion (maintain with oily cloth). 100 hours. Disassembly / cleaning the entire fork inside and out / cleaning and lubricating dust seals and slider sleeves / checking torques / adjusting to the riders liking. Before disassembly, check the slider sleeve play of the fork.
* To maintain a level of performance achieved by Factory Pro Riders, more frequent maintenance than suggested above can be performed, if desired. Lift accsess bikes or downhill bikes should be maintained at more frequent intervals.