Full Suspension
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Updated 11/14/17
Jamis Defcon series
The devil is in the details. This is where the 27.5” wheel size really shines: on a 160mm travel all-mountain enduro machine. Utilizing our proven mp4 suspension for pedaling efficiency, with modern geometry and top-level suspension to tackle bigger hits and aggressive descents at higher speeds. This progressive suspension design delivers plush rear wheel traction while still resisting bottom out. Rear thru-axles, short chainstays and roomy front centers provide stiffness, quick cornering and playful handling. If you want to do it all, fast, this is the bike.

Trek cross country bikes are fast, lightweight, and ready to race.
Key Features
: RE:aktiv XC: the smartest, fastest, most efficient shock ever Boost 148/110: stronger wheels, more tire clearance, shorter stays.                         Ride what the pros ride: exclusive Race Shop Limited edition Exclusive suspension tech with ABP and Full Floater.
Trek trail bikes are your do-more ride. They're versatile, light, and exceedingly capable, climbing as well as they descend, conquering trails of Spokane. These 29er and 27.5+ mountain bikes have the MTB suspension capabilities for anything from a quick stint on the trails to a brutal day of enduro racing. No other bikes offer this level of no-compromise performance, any-situation versatility.

Key Features:
Capable and stiff 130mm frame is 29˝ and 27.5+ compatible. Plus-sized tires for extra traction and confidence on loose, rugged terrain Exclusive suspension tech with ABP, Full Floater, and RE:aktiv Straight Shot stiffness, Knock Block frame defense
Enduro weapon
Slash is designed from the ground up to conquer the gnarliest enduros, in a 29˝-optimized package that makes this mountain bike the undisputed king of the trail. 160mm front and 150mm rear wheel travel.

Throw down on technical descents and fly back up the mountain. Slash dominates the most demanding trails, with 29˝ wheels on an aggressive, ultra-capable, lightweight carbon frame.
Going down?
World Cup champion Session is built to win. An all-new OCLV Carbon frame, updated geometry, advanced air shock, and a stiffer chassis make this downhill race bike faster than ever.

Session is the DH bike that excels on downhill's most brutal courses. Take on any terrain with our most advanced suspension and a geometry that can be dialed for every race.
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Bring on bigger
Remedy is the mountain biker's mountain bike. 27.5˝ wheels, an aggressive geometry, and a wealth of technical features make a bike that scores tens for capability.

Want to push harder? Want more travel? Need a more capable build? Remedy is your full suspension ride to the next level.
This is the bike that teed it up and kicked it off way back in 2009. After all the nay-saying and “it’s not really exactly between 26” and 29”, the world is now clearly embracing the 27.5” wheel. And there’s no better place to start the group hug than on the rig that believed from the beginning and now has over 7 years of development and real-world riding and refinement to ensure it IS Best in Class.
Full Suspension opens up a whole new world of speed and control off-road. Modernized with 27.5 hoops, this frame platform that's won us numerous industry accolades and bike of the year awards. Perfect rigs for experienced rider who is looking to upgrade to their first dual suspension or for new rider looking for a head start in performance.