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Saturday     9-5
Sunday     Going Riding
509-467-2453 (BIKE)
Raleigh Pardner

size: 19
Fits someone 5'9" to 6ft
TREK Farley 5

size: 21
9:Zero:7 Whiteout AL NX 1X11
size: medium in orange
        large in polish
9:zero:7 Tundra GX1 1x11
size: medium black
        large in black

10503 N Division St. Spokane, WA 99218
Update 4/28/17
Great bike for warm weather also!
Fat Bike Tire Pressure:

Offroad on dirt start with 10.5PSI in front tire and 11PSI in rear tire. This pressure works for most people. The tire should feel smooth over small ripple bumps. If the bump are felt. Open  value and hold in for 2 seconds. Doing that releases about 1 PSI. If tire starts to feel sluggish you will want to add so air back in.

Off road on snow. Start with 7PSI in both tires. If the front tire feels like it plows when the wheel is turned, that is to much pressure. Open valve and hold open for 1.5 seconds to release 1PSI. If the rear tire is spining out under pedal load, release pressure till traction happens.

Digital tire guage is a must for getting the correct tire pressure. 1PSI makes a big difference.
Riding a fatbike in the snow isn't always riding. There is going to a time when you will have to push your bike through the snow. If you are a clip in rider your going to want a pair of OMW (Old Man Winter) Bontrager boots. Shoe covers don't cut it.